The Climate Action Pledge (CAP):

The Climate Action Pledge is designed to engage foundations and philanthropists in strategic grant making and bold investments that can, combined on a larger scale, help reverse global warming and support a greener future.


The Climate Investment Platform (CIP):

The Climate Investment Platform is focused on catalysing investments into projects and new technologies that will speed up the global transition towards a low-carbon economy.


World Climate Summit (WCS):

Since 2010, World Climate Ltd has hosted World Climate Summit (WCS) during COP negotiations in order to present tangible business models and solutions-making opportunities for global leaders. This year WCL is partnering up with the leading events company, Reed Expositions, to co-produce the event where WCL provides content and stakeholder engagement at World Climate Summit & La Galerie by WE in Bonn, Germany from 14-16 November 2017 to ignite greater networks, solutions and ideas for a low-carbon world.


World Efficiency Summit (WES):

This year, WCL joins World Efficiency (WE), hosted by Reed Expositions, to provide thought-leading content to the solutions-oriented conference, World Efficiency Summit, at World Efficiency Solutions in Paris, France from 12-14 December 2017. World Efficiency Solutions creates the low-carbon and resource-efficient marketplace. We will discuss strategic issues on how to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon and resource-efficient solutions, frame the circular economy in a practical way and create the resource-efficient and low-carbon market place through sector, industry and business development.